WEBINAR: 3 Steps to Building the Framework for Successful IT

How many times have you been surprised, and frustrated, to learn your IT capabilities won’t support a new or key business objective? Given the rapidly changing healthcare industry and multitude of new initiatives, this scenario happens all the time.

So how can you help ensure your IT components will work together, and can be leveraged to drive business results?

You need a blueprint — a way to align IT to the business – an IT Enterprise Architecture.

Join us for our webinar, 3 Steps to Building the Framework for Successful IT:

  • Learn to think holistically to build a system-wide blueprint
  • Discover how to maximize and leverage current IT investments
  • Evaluate future purchases to ensure they align with business objectives

A sound Enterprise Architecture ensures your business is supported by IT components working together to deliver both a return-on-investment and projected business results.

Bob Hoover
Vice President – Business Transformation and Optimization
Change Healthcare

Bob has more than 35 years of experience in healthcare information technology, including 12 years as a CIO for two health plans and in the roles of vendor and management consultant. Bob specializes in building frameworks to support the attainment of business objectives through successful alignment of business and information technology. He has been with Change Healthcare since 2011.

Mauricio, “M.J.” Jimenez
Senior Consulting Manager
Change Healthcare

MJ has more than 20 years of diverse information technology experience, including 12 years concentrated in the healthcare space.  His experience has been primarily focused on leading the technical implementation of enterprise solutions.  During his career, MJ’s business and technology experience has lead him to launch various entrepreneurial endeavors; he has expanded his technical experience to mobile applications, web solutions, and mid-range and mainframe legacy systems.  MJ has been working with Change Healthcare in various capacities since 2008.

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